Pricing for everyone

I can tailor a bespoke care package for your needs.

The possibilities are endless and may include part of a package, a single package or a combination of processes from each package.

Contact me to arrange a free assessment & to discuss your needs.

Pricing for Cars


from £90

The essential maintenance & protection clean

  • done Luxury Wash using quality products
  • done Hand Wash using safe methods
  • done Wheels & tyres cleaned
  • done Paintwork & wheels decontaminated
  • done Exterior glass cleaned
  • done Door jambs cleaned and dried
  • done Tyres Dressed
  • done Paintwork sealant applied
  • plus_one Wheels sealed at extra cost


from £195

Paint decontamination and corrections

  • done_all All of the Bronze Package
  • done Additional paintwork decontamination using a clay bar
  • done One stage paint correction to remove minor imperfections using a machine polisher
  • done Water repellent treatment of all exterior glass
  • plus_one Wheels protected at extra cost


from £395

Two stage correction and durable wax protection

  • done_all All of the Silver Package
  • done Two stage paint correction to provide a finer paint finish using a machine polisher
  • done Paintwork protected with wax for increased durability
  • plus_one Paintwork can be protected with a ceramic coating at extra cost
  • plus_one Wheels protected with wax or ceramic coating at extra cost
Pricing for Motorbikes


from £50

The essential maintenance & protection clean

  • done Safe wash using quality products
  • done Decontamination of all surfaces
  • done Paint correction to remove swirls & minor scratches
  • done ACF-50 Application
  • done Application of sealants, waxes & nano coatings for durable protection


from £10

Essential extras for your motorbike

  • done ACF-50 application £30
  • done Polymer sealant £10
  • done Durable Wax £30
  • done Ceramic Coating £70
  • done Machine polish of paintwork £50
  • done Screen sealed £10
  • done Seat cleaned & protected £10
  • done End can polished £10
  • done Luggage cleaned & protected from £10
  • done Helmet exterior cleaned & protected from £20
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